WHAT do we do ...

From Typing to Coding, Kids Comp Camp helps young learners in Africa's underserved communities access quality computing training, right in their community, to empower them to explore new opportunities in technology. Kids Comp Camp is a proud program of The Africa Centurion Initiative, a Nonprofit registered in Kenya.

WHY we do this ...

1,000,000 more jobs than students by 2020

4 in every 5 Kenyans of working age don't have a job. The rate of unemployment in Kenya (East Africa's economic powerhouse) is at an outstanding 40%, making it the worst in the region.

Yet, in 10 years it is estimated there will be a million more jobs than qualified computer science students. Shockingly, less than 2% of children in Africa finish school with any computer coding skills.

Clearly, these gaps can be addressed by equipping this young-able minds with in-demand tech skills they need to be creators in the digital economy, and more importantly to be active and responsible citizens in their communities and beyond.


this is HOW it's done ...

Designed to travel and camp in a local community, Kids Comp Camp partners with local institutions to host the After School Tech programs.

To sustain the impact in the community we train the wider adult community (teachers, parents, and youth) and empower them with digital and entrepreneurial skills to support the kids as well as improve their livelihoods.


We've reached ...

6300 90 54

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Kids Comp Camp next Milestone is to reach out 20,000 Kids by 2020 #Vision20k.

You can help us achieve this milestone by helping to feed a child who attends Kids Comp Camp. You can Feed A Child via #DonateLunchbox. A Lunchbox is food for 1 child for 1 camp at only Kshs. 200 ($2).You can choose to donate your Lunchbox on
1) Monthly basis at only KES 200 ($2)
2) Quarterly at only KES 600 ($6)
3) Half yearly at only KES 1200 ($12)
4) Yearly at KES only 2400 ($24)
We target to raise KES 4,800,000 ($48,000) to feed 20,000 Kids we seek to train by 2020. You can donate your lunchbox(es) via

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