At Kids Comp Camp our mission is to help young, able but underserved Africans living in rural and low income communities gain a competitive edge to tackle today’s digital driven society.


Surveys show over the next years, there will be 1M+ more jobs than qualified Computer Science graduates. Yet less than 2% of African students (under 18 years) leave school with coding skills. We seek to reach out to the 98% and give them tech skills they need to be competitive in today's digital driven society!


From typing to coding, Kids Comp Camp helps Africa's underserved communities (both children and adults) access quality computer training to explore new opportunities in the digital economy.


Kids Comp Camp offers a double-edged solution to rural communities. One edge serves school going children through running after-school technology literacy program and the other edge helps adults access technology training and learn how they can improve their livelihoods. Kids Comp Camp reaches out to communities in rural areas where exposure to computers is limited or non existent. We spend time researching on big, complex problems facing these communities and define broad opportunity areas for our training. Then partner with local institutions to run the double-edged program.


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