But WHY....


40% of Parents whose kids have attended Kids Comp Camp run a small business. In Kenya 90% of rural small business close before turning 5; about 1.2 Million have closed in the last 5 years. It is an extreme sport to run a small business here.

This year, we take up a challenge to help small businesses in rural Kenya, in communities we work with, to leverage on technology to grow and thrive in increasingly digital economy. 

Because when rural small business thrives, local communities also thrives and they are better placed to support their Kids learn and embrace technology. This makes our ultimate joy and fulfills our goal. 


In the next 10 years it is estimated 60% of new internet users will be in rural areas YET less than 20% of rural small businesses are online or do business digitally!!


Young people in rural Kenya are the greatest resource we have HOWEVER greatly underutilized. We can support them to help small business catch up with digital economy! 




"From the youngest to the oldest; from school to the market place, we have a chance to help the entire village feel the impact of technology daily"

Our Story

Kids Comp Camp mission is to help Africa's under-served communities learn and embrace technology to transform their lives and communities.

To convince our rural communities value of technology we strive to empower them solve their pressing pain points by using technology.

Small business make a significant part of our rural communities. 

We BELIEVE we can help small businesses in rural communities leverage on Internet and Smartphone penetration to grow. 

To VERIFY this we're engaging 25 rural small businesses on challenges they face while trying to use technology to grow. We will recruit and train 25 brilliant and needy out of school youth on to work and help these businesses address these gaps. 

And MEASURE the growth of each small business as a result of engaging a trained community youth. We will be RIGHT if 60% of small business record 30% growth in the first quarter of engagement. 

More interesting for us, the trained community youth will be used to support Kids Comp Camp efforts in their community. 

We want to attract the top talent, most brilliant and yet needy rural youth to help us transform small business and the local community. To achieve this, we seek to raise 25 scholarships each at $50 to support 25 high potential rural youth. Your $50 scholarship will enable us to provide a device, connection, top notch training and stipend to a rural youth. The big picture is to provide these young minds with high-quality skills and introduce them to the local gig economy. To sustain and scale, we're creating a model of connecting trained community youth to work with/for small business. If you can please help us to give a hand up to these brilliant and able young people to give a hand up to small businesses and grow their communities.

- Caleb Ndaka, Programs Lead.