This Holidays Kids Comp Camp wants to help YOU keep your kids safe, engaged and productive. We've put together a fantastic hands-on Tech Bootcamp for 7-15 year olds. They'll learn how coding is the new superpower. Through simple lines of code & tinkering they'll be able to make melodious music, create amazing embroidery, develop pretty cool games, learn design thinking & problem solving. What's more, they’ll have a really awesome project to present at the end of the camp. We can’t wait to do this!We only have 20 slots left.

What do the kids get out of the training?
Every child will be issued with a certificate and they’ll be able to take home with them the projects they’ll have created to share with their peers.
Who provides the training material?
All training material will be provided by Kids Comp Camp.
How long will it take? (Weeks/days)?
The Bootcamp will run for 5 days Monday to Friday.
What are the start and end times?
The daily classes start at 9am and end at 1pm.
Are there any costs for this training?
Yes; KES 10,000 per student.