Support Kids Comp Camp

We seek to raise 25 scholarships each at $50 to support 25 high potential rural youth. Your $50 scholarship will enable us to provide a device, connection, top notch training and stipend to a rural youth. The big picture is to provide these young minds with high-quality skills and introduce them to the local gig economy

As we MARCH on, we'd like to say thank you for your support to Kids Comp Camp. We've already trained 7,000 Kids. Next milestone is to train 20,000 Kids by 2020 #Vision20k.

Did you know with as little as Kshs 200 ($2) you can help us achieve #Vision20K?
Wanna know how, see below 👇, thank you 😊

You can help us achieve this milestone by helping to feed a child who attends Kids Comp Camp. You can Feed A Child via #DonateLunchbox. A Lunchbox is food for 1 child for 1 camp at only Kshs. 200.You can choose to donate your Lunchbox on:

1) Monthly basis at only KES 200 ($2)
2) Quarterly at only KES 600 ($6)
3) Half yearly at only KES 1200 ($12)
4) Yearly at only KES 2400 ($24)

We target to raise KES 4,000,000 to feed 20,000 Kids we strive to reach out by 2020. You can donate using any of the channels above

One Laptop trains up to 20 Kids a year. So far, we have 20 laptops versus 7,000 Kids. We can do more with more. Would you consider donating an unused , under used or even a new laptop. Holla