Support Kids Comp Camp

We've already trained 7,000 Kids. Next milestone is to train 20,000 Kids by 2020 #Vision20k

You can help us achieve this milestone by helping to feed a child who attends Kids Comp Camp. You can Feed A Child via #DonateLunchbox. A Lunchbox is food for 1 child for 1 camp at only Kshs. 200.You can choose to donate your Lunchbox on:

1) Monthly basis at only KES 200 ($2)
2) Quarterly at only KES 600 ($6)
3) Half yearly at only KES 1200 ($12)
4) Yearly at only KES 2400 ($24)

We target to raise KES 4,000,000 to feed 20,000 Kids we strive to reach out by 2020. You can donate your lunchbox(es) via

TILL NUMBER : 691 470

The confirmation message will be from "Kids Comp Camp". Thank you in advance for your Kind consideration.

Donate a Computer

One Laptop trains up to 20 Kids a year. So far, we have 20 laptops versus 7,000 Kids. We can do more with more. Would you consider donate un/under used or even a new laptop. Holla